Graeme Frost

Brilliant Software fulfills the needs of businesses of all sizes. A business might have a fabulous business idea for a software product or app, but not the available expertise to develop it. We help turn your brilliant ideas into Brilliant Software.

Our exceptional development team has a deep hands-on experience in managing the many facets of creating world-class software. We know that Brilliant Software is achieved by forming a very close partnership that complements your business skills with our proven software development expertise. Working together we will strive to further enhance your ideas with our extensive experience and ability to “think outside the square”.

Because we know it is difficult to fully visualise a brilliant finished product on day one, we work iteratively. We aim to deliver a minimum viable product as fast as possible to gather real market feedback so that we can fine-tune ideas and priorities.

At Brilliant Software, we employ only the very best developers. With modern development tools, experienced people can produce great software surprisingly quickly. This lowers the cost and reduces the risk for our customers, while it significantly increases the quality and reliability of the products we deliver.

Our promise is to work closely with you to cost-effectively create highly innovative, intuitive, beautiful and indeed, Brilliant Software.

Graeme Frost, CEO, Brilliant Software Limited