The many software development projects we have been involved include

Keystone Practice Management System

Developed in New Zealand as an ERP system for large law firms. Keystone changed the rules for law firm practice management software by shifting the focus from back office accounting to delivering improved firm profitability – with proven results. The system was licenced to many of the most prestigious law firms in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, including Clifford Chance, the world’s largest law firm.

“Keystone’s people were innovative, enthusiastic and forward thinking. Their ‘work smarter’ ethos was very appealing”

Ian Blair, G.M., Allen Allen & Hemsley, Leading Australian law firm

Graeme was CEO of a start-up in Auckland that grew to have revenues of over $NZ30m and listed on the London Stock Exchange Aim market. He also led the design team for the initial development of Keystone, before taking responsibility for initial sales around the world.

Cadabra Tour Planning System

This software allows travel agents around the world to fully customise their client travel arrangements in touring type destinations. The automated tour package builder was an original invention that hasn’t yet been bettered, and the journey planner constantly checks the validity and reasonability of the itinerary to ensure that the modifications that they make will work well in reality. This software has been licenced to tour operators in over 60 countries.


Webranz commissioned Brilliant Software to develop Data Muster™ as part of the Market Data Suite™ application platform. Data Muster™ collects thousands of data sources, in a wide variety of formats (e.g. Web Pages, excel, pdfs, emails, reports, word, text and csv files, etc.) from the Web and other sources, validates them, then outputs them in a consistent format.

“We evaluated a wide variety of products that purport to collect data from a variety of sources on the web. None could demonstrate the ability to handle the huge variety and the reliability that we required.

We commissioned Brilliant to quickly develop a prototype with three very different and difficult data sources. It was the first time I had worked with Brilliant and I was delighted that the first prototype worked 100%. When we demonstrated the prototype to our largest customer, they committed to it on the spot. It now reliably processes thousands of collections from hundreds of sources, ensuring that their market database is completely up to date . DataMuster is unique in the world market and is a strategic part of our plans for global growth.”
Marty Behrens, CEO, Webranz Limited


Webranz commissioned Brilliant to develop a second module for Market Data Suite™.
It collects articles about a company’s competitors, partners and customers, together with products, the market and the business environment. These articles come from a huge variety of sources (including RSS feeds and “crowd sourcing”); Stryngr then translates, tags and stores them. Daily newsfeed emails are generated to keep corporate personal updated with news relevant to them. Most importantly it also enables the user to extract structured data – such as Financial Results, Company Investments, and other market data.

“Stryngr was developed iterative and dynamically to meet the needs of our clients. We had fortnightly reviews which not only ensured great stability but it gave us inspiration for further enhancements. These were usually incorporated in the next iteration. This ‘team approach’ delivered a great product, which again was instantly adopted by our largest customer.”
Marty Behrens, CEO, Webranz Limited


VerifiTT promotes leading-edge brand protection technology developed to protect against counterfeiting and related fraudulent use of global brands in packaged goods, textiles, garments and footwear. An essential part of their offering in a cloud based chain of custody system that tracks items from component manufacture through the manufacturing, distribution and retail processes worldwide.

“The brilliant Brilliant Software team impressed from our first meeting, which resulted in them quickly delivering our initial software brief in one clever screenshot. This proved invaluable in outlining our track and trace service to global brands”
John Pettengill, Executive Director, VerifiTT

The Icehouse

The Business of International Quality (BIQ™) Barometer is an online assessment tool created by The Icehouse to help kiwi businesses grow. It was initially launched in 2014 as a complex “hard coded” series of questions, answers and reporting that could only be altered by experienced developers. Brilliant Software redeveloped it from the ground up as a completely flexible platform from which business users can not only maintain all of the answers and assessments themselves, but they can now rapidly deploy customised versions that their business partners can adapt and use in their markets.

“The system is extremely complex – we have over 160 questions we ask businesses, many conditional on previous answer combinations, which then feed into a detailed and customised report with tailored suggestions totally automatically for a seamless customer experience. Just as important as the complete accuracy of the assessment is the ease of use and high quality look and feel for both the customer and our business partners as this is a strategic part of The Icehouse’s offering. We had previously been told that this fully flexible approach was impossible to achieve within our budget. Brilliant Software made the impossible possible delivering a platform that exceeded our expectations on time and on budget. We are thrilled with our attractive, intuitive and easy to use platform that delivers on all fronts. It is absolutely perfect!”
Pip Gilbert, Manager, Partnerships & Strategic Projects.


Auldhouse is New Zealand Leading IT training provider, running hundreds of diverse IT technical and end user courses every month. They recently completed a management buyout from Spark, and with that brought their Finance capability in house.

“We had a good bookings system and installed Xero as our accounting system – but really wanted to focus on the profitability of training courses before we ran them rather than after the fact. Brilliant software developed a system that not only gave us that information – but they integrated it with the training systems existing database. So whenever a new booking is made it is reflected in the profitability module immediately – and they did that without any assistance at all from the other suppliers. And even though we wanted several changes along the way, they delivered on time and on budget. Very clever. Or should I say Brilliant!”
Ivanna Thomson, Chief Financial Officer, Auldhouse Computer Training.