Lean Software Development by Brilliant Software

You have the idea and we have the expertise and experience. Using the iterative methodology we build your software incrementally and as your partner, seek your advice at every stage. We are all about reducing waste and adding value. Some of the end software features may not have even been thought of at the outset! But we know that the evolution of the software in this way results in a superior custom product that fulfills your business needs.

That is Brilliant Software.

What is Lean Development?

In the current fast digital era, old software development methodologies don’t serve the needs of business. Instead, the concept of lean development has become accepted around the world by innovative developers. The lean development concept is based on high customer engagement as well as time and price efficiencies. Read more on Lean Development

Why should we choose Brilliant Software?

Brilliant Process and Experience

Through our practice of Lean Development we provide you with a second-to-none experience in the development of superior custom software. You will be amazed how well your ideas can be instantiated in software! At regular intervals we discuss our progress. This avoids any disappointing surprises and enables fine-tuning. Even in the early stages the feel of the software starts to become real and from here new ideas form. Without getting caught up in the process, we are always open to changing detail points or even the overall direction. Corrections in the course of the journey are far preferable to arriving at the wrong destination!

Brilliant Tools

In most situations, we develop using the latest Microsoft development tools. These tools are enterprise-class and help us to work efficiently. For most projects the Microsoft software is free, so there are no additional costs for having the best. Microsoft tools are inherently scalable, so even if you grow exponentially you can be comfortable that the infrastructure behind the software is robust.

Brilliant Result

Through employing an iterative approach, our customers get intuitive, functional, software built to enterprise standard, based on what they need. Through ongoing consultation, we develop software that is eye-catching and well-designed. Every keystroke must count!

Brilliant Experience

Brilliant Software deals with companies of all sizes. We often work with companies that are starting small, but expect global success. From the outset they need the software to be designed for that growth – without blowing the budget. Software that is well designed and well developed from the start by our team of experienced developers means you won’t have to compromise quality as your business grows.

Read about Our Experience and the Brilliant Software we have developed for our business customers.